Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I just like...

So here's another classic Charro classic.  I thought she was going to call someone a douche bag, but instead she said dufus.  (Not sure how you spell that).  So I said, "I thought you were going to same something else."  She goes, "Douche bag?  I thought you thought I was going to say that.  I don't use that word.  I just like douches so I don't know why that's an insult.  I'M KIDDING!!  That's 90's, have you ever heard of a douche since the 80's?"  Oh dear, Charro.  Then she goes, "The word means shower in French, so that makes it even funnier."  I'm not sure how it makes it funnier, but who knows.

So I'm going to the office with the scale on Friday morning.  UGH!  I have not been there in 100 years and I hope to freaking God she doesn't weigh me.  She didn't mention having WIF, but that doesn't mean anything.  She may just surprise me, and it won't be a good surprise.  Maybe she just gave up and won't do it.  Lord help us.  She may or may not bring a breakfast challenge too, but I don't know.  I told her that she has to let me know!

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