Thursday, May 04, 2017

PT and ED

Charro thinks I should tell my physical therapist that I have an eating disorder.  Um, no.  That's not going to happen.  She thinks she should know.  I told her it's not going to change how she treats my injury.  Like I'm just going to slip that in there while she's got my body all twisted up in some crazy stretch..."Oh, by the way, I've had an eating disorder for 24 years."  Nope, not happening.  Charro wanted to know why I wouldn't tell her and I said "because it's embarrassing."  She wanted to know why I thought that.  I told her it was because it's something I can control and I don't want people to know about it.  It's not like some medical condition that I was diagnosed with that I have no control over.  Bottom line is that she doesn't need to know.  If she figures it out on her own, which she won't, and asks me, then I'll tell her, but until then, mum's the word.  She touches my body and grabs my ribs and hips every time I see her, so she knows what my body is like.  She grabbed my love handles one time and I wanted to die.   I did make a comment about my stomach once, about it being fat, and she was like "Ya right."  I'm sure she's figured out that I'm a little obsessive about working out, but I can't be 100 percent sure about that.

I love PT.  I feel so good when I leave.  I learn a lot too.  I wish I could keep going.  I was feeling great and then I had a little set back and now the pain is back.  I'm not in a ton of pain, which is good, but it's pretty constant if I'm sitting or walking.  Laying down seems to be okay.

So that's that.  I'm trying to figure out my life next week.  It might be a crazy week with lots of travel, but I'll know more tomorrow.  There are a lot of factors coming into play.