Friday, February 10, 2017

The email resolved

It went from 62 degrees one day, to a 9 inch snow storm the next.  I came back from 83 degrees and now it's 29.  Yuck.  

I asked Charro about the email and she said that she never got it, which I knew was not the case because you can tell when someone with AOL reads your mail.  Then she did remember getting it and reading it but completely missed the part where I asked her if we could do a phone sesh.  I'm glad I asked because I knew she wouldn't have just blown me off.  She felt really bad about it, especially since she said she has tons of time on Tuesdays.  Oh well. 

She warned me that she's going to weigh me on Monday.  I'm glad she gives me a heads up.  I wish she'd just stop weighing me.  I said, "You forgot to weigh me last week."  She said that she's "spacing it out."  Um, okay. 

That's all.

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