Wednesday, January 11, 2017

That was traumatic

I was telling Charro about this burger joint I went to with some friends.  It's known for it's crazy milkshakes that are 15 bucks a pop.  (Black Tap, NYC if you want to check them out).  Anyway, I tagged along there with some friends, even though I'm not a burger person and I personally think the place is overrated, but I'm also not a 15 year old, and we all split shakes.  I had a few sips of the Brooklyn something (basically chocolate shake with brownies hanging off of the side).  I showed the picture I took to Charro and she was going on and on about how delicious it looked.  This is what she said, "Was it amazing?  And it had two brownies coming out of it?  That is my wet dream."  Um, wow, I didn't need to hear that coming out of her mouth.  I don't need to hear that coming out of any one's mouth.  She's such a nut.

My Monday time got changed to 8 AM, which blows. She loves it because "we can have WIM and tons of breakfasts."  Great.  We had WIM and she wouldn't let me put my boots on, which sucked, but I was fat and weighed enough so it was fine.  I need to not weigh that much.  

I took this crazy ass martial arts class last week, which was so intense and I almost died.  Turns out, it was not good for my head and I had a headache for 3 days straight after and felt concussion weird for a few more days.  Guess I won't do that again. :(


Erin said...

Headaches suck. I'm having a lot of headaches lately and I'm trying to figure out various health stuff. I just found out my ferritin is a bit low and that can cause headaches, leg pain, and irritability and I have all 3 of those, and then other stuff. And they don't go away with Advil/Tylenol!

Does any medicine help you when you get headaches? Or can you get rid of them in any way?

PTC said...

I don't even know what ferritin is but I guess you should get that up. :)

I just take whatever pain reliever I have on hand. If my headache won't go away, I'll take Aleve and then it's gone.