Tuesday, November 08, 2016

That was a funny one

Charro weighed me in her office yesterday.  She tried to weigh me in this office once but it didn't work at all because of the carpet.  Anyway, she thought she'd give it another shot so I wouldn't have to go to her other office to get weighed.  

She plopped the scale down and told me to hop on.  I got on and I weighed 29 pounds.  I just started laughing, as did she, and I said, "I hope I can make it home okay at this weight."  LOL!  So she said, "Let's try it over here."  She put it down, I got on and I weighed 52 pounds.  HA!  So then she moved it once again and I got on and I weighed 41 pounds.  She said it worked before but after this she said, "I guess I was thinking in kilos."  She said, "We're going to have to go outside."  She opened the door and looked and went out and put it down in the waiting room.  I put my shoes back on and went out there, hopped on and hopped off.  I was surprisingly higher than I thought I'd be, so if I can make that work for next week, I should be okay.

That was probably the funniest WIF I've ever had.

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