Monday, October 03, 2016

WIF or doctor

The sun has not been out since last Monday.  Yuck!  We need rain, but it's not even raining, it's just damp and gloomy.

Charro is all of a sudden into weighing me again.  Last week she said how I'm going to have to come in for WIF soon.  She started to figure out dates and never mentioned this Friday, which is really the only Friday I'm here all month.  She said if I didn't want to come in for WIF I could call my doctor and have her fax my weight to her.  Um, that's NOT going to happen.  She didn't say I had to go get weighed again, just that she had to fax my weight to her.  I got weighed last month by her when I went for my physical so what good would that do?  Regardless, my doctor is not getting involved in this.  

I go on vacation next Friday.  I get back from that and go away for work for 4 days, so I don't think WIF will happen, or she'll forget that she wants to WIF me.  That could happen too. :)

I want some sunshine!

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