Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The new doc

I went for a physical today with my new doctor.  (My old one, whom I loved, moved).  Anyway, I wanted to pee in a cup before they weighed me, but that didn't happen.  Oh well.  The lady told me I was an inch taller than  I am and I got excited.  I made a comment on how I'm growing and then she corrected herself.  I told her that she ruined my day.

I went into the little room and waited for my new doctor.  I knew she was young because I googled her.  She walked in and she was shorter than I thought she was going to be and looked really young, but older too, which I know makes no sense, but it does to me.  I've never seen legs quite as white as hers either.  She didn't look like she looked in the picture I saw of her online.  

Anyway, she came in and she looked over my chart and went over my medical history.  She asked if there was any other health issues that she should know about.  I told her that I have "eating stuff."  Of course that's the most clear answer one can give someone.  Ha!  She obviously wanted to know what I meant, so I said, "restricting, but it's fine.  It's not really an issue."  She asked what I was doing for it and I said, "I see someone for it."  She asked how often.  She asked if this was an ongoing thing and I said, "Ya, over 20 years."  She said, "I'm glad you're getting help for it."  Um, okay!  Oh ya, how could I forget this.  She looked at my weight on the paper and she said she'd have to calculate my BMI (It's totally in the normal range) and then she said that I "look healthy."  I loved that one.  That subject ended and she asked if I work out and what I do for working out.  I told her I do and that I teach aerobics, play sports and work out.  She said that I probably walk a lot, being in NYC and I said that I do.  

Anyway, she was nice.  Had a flimsy handshake and was not as cool as my other doctor, but she'll do.  She said I could schedule my physical for next year, if I knew my schedule and wanted to.  Um, I'll wait, thanks.  I'll go see her again, but you can totally tell she's young and new.  Oh ya, and what the heck do they do at a physical anyway because not much was done?  I have to go for a my blood work next time I'm home, which won't be for a few weeks.


Erin said...

Well of course we all know that a healthy BMI and "looking fine" nullifies an ED. ;)

PTC said...

Ya, I knew Charro would love that one.