Friday, September 02, 2016

So full

Just got back with from my sesh with Charro.  I woke up really early and was hungry so I had some cereal.  I knew Charro was bringing me breakfast but I thought I'd still be hungry enough to eat it.  Well, I was kind of wrong there.  She brought me a huge bagel with lots of peanut butter.  I was so full by the time I got half way through it I thought I was going to die.  It took me the whole 50 minutes to eat it, which it would not have taken me if I was hungry.  Oh, let's not forget to mention the fact that peanut butter is not the easiest thing to swallow because it gets stuck in your mouth and throat so you have to continuously drink something.  Anyway, I wanted to throw because I was so full.  I actually didn't even give one thought to calories or fat or anything, I was just so disgustingly full.

I told Charro that I wasn't going to pass WIF.  She asked why and I told her that I lost a little weight.  She told me I was going to have to go back next week to have WIF again then.  Then she said, "Well, we'll see what it is and then we'll decide."  I got lucky, it was not bad at all.  I was 1 pound less than what she says I need to be.  Either my scale at home is wrong or that bagel weighed 50 pounds, which I think is more likely the case based on how my stomach feels right now.  She didn't make me stand backwards either.  I was prepared for the worst and it wasn't the case.  Eating the bagel completely sucked for no other reason than how full I was.

I have to make a dessert.  I'm having company tonight.

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