Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stairmaster at the doctor

I like to write down my dreams on here so I remember them.  So here's another from last night.  Once again, Charro will love it.

I was at the doctor's office in the waiting room and it was packed with people.  They had chairs set up, like they normally do, but they also had cardio equipment.  So, I don't think I was there to see a doctor but was there to work out.  Bizarre, I know.  There were two anorexic girls sitting in the seats near the stairmaster I hopped on.  (I hate the stairmaster, by the way).  I think the mom of one was there too.  Anyway I saw that Charro was there too so I took off the watch to my heart rate monitor and hid it under a magazine or towel that I had on the machine.  A little of the pink band was sticking out and Charro saw it and came over and tried to grab it.  It fell and I jumped off and onto the ground and laid on it, holding it.  She tried to get it away from me but I wouldn't let go. 

I woke up and then had a continuation of the dream that went like this...

I was at my house, which was apparently a treatment center, at least my kitchen was, and there were others there.  We were outside on the deck eating our meal.  The big wig doctor where Charro works was there.  She was making sure we were eating and doing okay.  My first meal there was a breeze and I thought it would've been much harder.  There must have been an arcade around because I was collecting the gold tokens that you put into the machines.  I don't really remember what else was going on, but I remember Dr. A. being around and monitoring our food and stuff.

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