Friday, August 12, 2016

Your hair is disastrous

Charro was off her rocker yesterday.  As she said, "I didn't even have a Coke."  (She says that because one time she had a Coke and was in rare form).  She was nuts, but funny.  

So I'm sitting there and she chimes in with this...

"What's going on with your hair?  I think you should just go to brown.   But is it also white?  I'm sorry, I just need to figure this out.  I've never quite seen you looking like this before."

Me - "Do I ask you if yours is white?"
"You can.  Your hair looks crazy.  I think you need to be aware that your hair is a disaster.  (laughing hysterical).  It looks interesting.  I'm just letting you know that it's time to go to a hair place.  Why do you have to wait two weeks?"

So that was our hair discussion.  She also told me I could change my day, if moving got in the way, and go to her other office and have WIF.  Clearly, that is NOT going to happen.  I can't be WIFFED right now, that would not be good.

She tried to convince me that I could handle driving and having my car in NYC.  NO THANK YOU!!  That's not happening.  She told me that alternate side parking is fun and that I could meet someone and then she said, "That's how I met my husband."  I said, "Really?" and she said, "No."

I learned she is having two BBQs this weekend.  I told her it's going to be really hot.  It's going to feel like 110 degrees with the heat index.  So, as I was leaving I told her not to melt and that she should just put her bathing suit on and run through the hose.  She said, "I would look pretty weird with people over and I'm in my bathing suit sitting on a hose."  Then she realized what she said and started laughing.  I laughed and just walked out.  She nuts.  I love it.

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