Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Buon Viaggio

Charro leaves for Italy tomorrow so I won't see her again until July 14th.  I'm fine with that.  She told me that Kruger will be covering for her, in case I need anything.  She was joking (because she knows I'll never go see her), but not about her covering for Charro.  Ugh, Kruger!!!  She's the worst.

Charro said that I need to eat 800 calories for dinner because I didn't eat a lot today.  Phfa (that'st he sound I just made), like that's going to happen.  I didn't not eat a lot on purpose, and I actually would have eaten something before I saw her but I went from the train to her.  It's actually not an excuse, and I didn't realize how few calories I ate until she pointed it out to me.  Oh well, I'm not concerned.  I'm starving and making dinner right now.

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