Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Ass chat

I'm a pro when it comes to colonoscopies...Not really, I've only had one, but I'm gearing up for my second.  Charro had one about 6 months ago and she asked me if she could start drinking the stuff on the train.  (She has about a 30 minute train ride, I think).  I said, "ON THE TRAIN!!!!  NOOOO, YOU CAN'T DRINK THAT ON THE TRAIN!!!"  She said, "Do I have to be close to home?"  I said, "CLOSE TO HOME??!!!  YOU HAVE TO BE CLOSE TO YOUR TOILET!!!!  Throw on some sweatpants and stay close to the bathroom."  Ha.  That still cracks me up.  She joked with me, yesterday, and asked if I was going to drink the stuff in her office.  The worst part of the whole process is literally drinking that stuff.  It tastes HORRIBLE!!  The thought of having something stuck up your ass is also not very lovely, but at least you're asleep for it.  I try not to think about it.

I heard on the news that propofol is the "truth drug."  Ugh, let's hope I don't decide to spill any secrets, like that fact that I've had an ED for 23 years.

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E said...

I recently had propofol for an upper GI endoscopy. Lovely, lovely stuff. :) I think there was something else they gave me through the IV too, but ahh, it was nice & I was out the entire procedure. Haven't had to have a colonoscopy yet, but have had 2 sigmoidoscopies and I think they are worse because you prep AND then you're totally awake for the whole thing. Rude!!