Thursday, May 05, 2016

Winky eye

I was having serious contact problems with my left eye during my sesh today.  I guess I've been having contact issues all day.  I put them both in my right eye, which was the first problem, but realized it as soon as I did it.  Anyway, when I got into Charro's office my left contact was weird, so of course I kept rubbing it, which didn't help the situation.  When she has contact issues she always says, "I'm not winking at you."  So I threw that one out there today.

I complained about my jeans, which isn't uncommon.  She told me not to shift around.

We're doing a phone sesh on Monday because I won't be here.  I told her to call me and said, "You've got my number, right?"  (I was joking because I know she does).  She said, "Your cell?"  I said, "No, call my house and I'll put you on speaker so I can have my parents join in."  :)  

I need a kitty cam so I can see what my rugrats do when I'm not home.  They're fast asleep right now and I need to go out soon.  I hope they run around so they're tired tonight.

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