Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lots of ED chatter

My parents brought up EDs a thousand times in two days.  I was home and sitting at the table Tuesday morning and my mom was reading the newspaper.  On the front page was an article about a new ED clinic that opened up last week 2 miles from my house.  My mom said, "An eating disorder clinic opened up on (street name)."  No one responded.  About 5-10 minutes later my dad said, "Ginger Zee was anorexic.  She talked about it on DWTS last night.  Her parents got divorced and then it started."  Once again, no response from me.  A few minutes later he started reading the article in the paper and was reading it out loud.  He was spouting out facts like, "Did you know that 20 million people suffer from eating disorders?"  (Not sure if that number is right but I don't remember what it was).  Then he asked if bulimia is when people eat a lot and throw up.  I said, "Yes."  He asked why and if they lose weight doing that and I said, "No, it doesn't really do anything."  I don't remember what else was said.  Oh ya, then he told me that I should read the article.  So, that was that until the next morning when there was an article about Ginger and her ED in the newspaper.  He said, "There's an article about Ginger and her eating disorder in the paper."  There was also a segment on GMA about her too, but I was upstairs getting dressed during that, thank God.

So, that was my fun two mornings at home.  Of course I never talk to them about any of this stuff and that's how I like it.  If they want to ask me something, they should just ask.

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