Monday, May 02, 2016

Dirty glasses

Why is it that my glasses are constantly dirty?  It's really annoying.  That's all about that.

I have no idea what to have for dinner, my life story.  Maybe I'll just have PBJ, although I'm not really sure what my bread situation is like, probably not so good.  Charro would tell me that that's not dinner, but Charro is not hear so I can eat what I want.  Oh, maybe I'll have oatmeal. :)

I ran today and managed to not get a headache, which is good.  Last time I ran outside and it was warm and a little humid, which I love. (It's never too hot for me but some people would say that it was hot).  I had a headache for two days after that, but then I remembered that I usually do get headaches after I run outside so maybe it's all good.  Probably still concussion related from the one I had 2 years ago.  Anyway, no headache today so that's good.  I need to start running more so I can get into shape and so my legs might look better too.  Charro would tell me that I don't even like running and that I shouldn't be doing it and that it's obsessive.  She's 98% right.  I do like getting outside and being in the park rather than the gym though.  

Charro says that I need to bump my milk up to 2% when I finish this carton.  I said no to that.  There's no need for 2% milk, I already bumped up to 1%.  I told her it would be like drinking whipped cream and she said, "I'll bring you in some whipped cream to drink."  I told her that was unnecessary. 

I really need to come up with some real stuff to talk about with Charro.  I'm done stressing about the apartment situation, for the moment.  That will change when I hear back from my landlord and then I will talk about that with her again.  I spent the past few seshes on that.  It's funny, I'll talk about stuff that's bothering me, but then I get sick of talking about it, like I've talked about it enough and I'm tired of hearing it so I just move on.  Like I said, I'll start stressing out about it again soon.

I feel like watching an ED movie but I need to watch Quantico.  I need to go to bed early too.

This post was stupid and the spell check on Blogger hasn't worked for a while.

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