Thursday, April 07, 2016

The early buzzer

A new lady is now seeing Charro after me on Thursdays.  I think she's only been coming for a few weeks but she's driving me insane.  Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but she bugs me a little.  She ALWAYS buzzes Charro really early.  Last week she buzzed her 10 minutes after I got there.  The first time she was there she buzzed her early and knocked on her door while I was in there.  Today she buzzed literally 2 minutes after I got in there.  There's a Starbucks right on her street corner, GO SIT IN THERE!!!  PLEASE!!  Today she buzzed twice too, so the phone rang two different times.  It's really distracting.  I usually arrive 10 minutes early, so if there is someone in there before me, they're winding down.  I just like to make sure that I'm on time and have time to go to the bathroom.  If I get there too early, I either hang out in the park or stand in the hall downstairs for a few minutes before heading up.  Please stop getting there early, lady!

Oh, Charro's going to Italy for 3 weeks this summer.  I like when she goes in the summer because then I can spend a little more time at home and in my pool!  My family will be visiting during one of those weeks too, so that will be nice.

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E said...

That would definitely bother me too! Maybe Charro will say something to her...? Interrupting is not cool.