Friday, April 01, 2016

Looking back

I guess it's time to take down my Easter decorations...all 4 of them.  I was away and unpacking awaits me.

I was thinking about my high school years.  I really just didn't eat.  People had to have known, but who knows.  I don't know.  I brought lettuce for lunch.  I have away other food that my mom packed for me.  I know my chorus teacher was onto me, but I don't think anyone else was.  Oh, my friend's mom who is a psychologist and my friend (her daughter) but that was about it, as far as I know.  Was I even skinny?  I don't know.  I played sports so I was doing that every day after school.  I worked out when I wasn't playing sports.  

My mom and I went shopping with my friend and her mom (the psych) and apparently her mom said something about my hip bones sticking out.  Of course, I loved that comment, when I found out about it.

I remember having stomach pains every day before practice, probably because I was starving.  I'd eat an apple, but that didn't help.  I don't know what Charro would have done with me if I went to see her when I was in high school.  Okay, she was in college then, but still, if she was practicing I wonder if she would have sent me somewhere.  That's something I'll never know.

That's all the reminiscing I have for now.  I have to do some work.  


E said...

I was very similar in high school. I wouldn't eat all day (or very little), then go to practice or a meet after school and just not eat until I got home in the evening. And no one ever said a thing, either. I think if that were going on NOW for me, someone would have said something maybe? That was a long time ago.

PTC said...

I think so. People are more informed about it now, 20 years ago, not so much.