Monday, April 25, 2016

Kicked out of the office

I woke up this morning and my eyes are all swollen.  I'm not sure if I have allergies or if I just have a cold.  My throat has been weird and my nose a bit stuffy/runny on and off for the past few days, but I've never had allergies before.  My eyes look awful right now though.

I did sleep because I had a few dreams, one being about Charro, of course.  I was in her office for a sesh and there was a treadmill right next to her chair.  I didn't notice it until it turned on by itself and I was like, "What's that noise?"  I looked and it was the treadmill and I said, "I'll get on it and turn it off," and she said, "No, I will."  So she got on it and started running.  All of a sudden she was wearing workout clothes.  She was in a sports bra and had a heart rate monitor strapped onto her, like one from the doctor.  I asked her what it was for and she said it was to figure out why she's getting hives.  It was suggested by an Australian doctor.  

She sat back down and we continued talking.  She told me she was going to look at me.  I wasn't quite sure what that meant.  Then she said that I had to plank and walk across the floor and she would feel my body.  She made a comment about how I was wearing really baggy clothes, which I was.  I had on fleece pajama pants and a huge sweatshirt.  She told me to stand up so she could examine me by looking at me to see my size.  Then there was this other guy in there, Ace from The Love Boat.  He was there to learn from Charro. She was his mentor.  Well, at one point he got up and started playing a keyboard and I got annoyed and got up and started dancing and then walked out.  My friend was out there so I ran and pulled her into another room to tell her what was going one, but Charro came out and found us.  When I walked back into the room she and Love Boat Ace were packing up their stuff.  I asked what happened and she said that she was kicked out of her office for being too loud.  She was upset about it.  I started packing up all of my stuff, which, for some reason, was draws of clothes.  I found a dried up lemon peel in one draw, that I apparently put in there to make it smell nice.  Pink's "Who Knew" came on the radio and I started singing, but I sounded bad because I had a cold.  Charro asked Ace to call some guy about finding her a new office and then she asked me if I wanted to go with them to find a new one.  I said sure and then I woke up.

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