Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Hit by a bike

So I was on my way to Charro yesterday and I was crossing the street and I got hit by a biker.  Yep.  I'm fine but I wasn't thrilled by the situation.  So if you know NYC, all the streets are one way.  I looked to the left to cross the street, because that's the direction the traffic would have been coming from if they had a green light, and then boom.  I didn't know what hit me, literally.  I had my umbrella up, and it's not small, so I don't know how the guy didn't see me.  I was coming off of the sidewalk and had to walk in front of a car, but he was going the wrong way!  He was very apologetic and nice about it but he was going the wrong way and I let him know that.  He said, "I didn't see you."  I said, "You were going the wrong way!!"  He said, "I know, it's my fault."  So he was cool about it and LUCKILY I did not get hurt or knocked to the ground.  I can't afford another head injury.

I told Charro when I got there and she thought I said that I got hit by a bus.  I said, "No, a bike!"

I have no idea what to have for dinner.  I'm making some squash but I need something else.  Eggs maybe?  How boring.

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