Thursday, April 07, 2016

9 years

Yesterday was my 9 year anniversary with Charro.  I remember the first day I went to see her, saying that I was so nervous is quite an understatement.  I was shaking like crazy!!  I've come a long way. There's still room for improvement, but that's okay.  

To celebrate our time together, I wrote this poem while I was on the train.  I think she was expecting some baked treats, but she got this instead.  All of it is true, except for the 45 offices thing, and a lot of it probably won't make sense to anyone.  Without further adieu...

The past 9 years have been so great.
Off and on we've talked about weight.
103 is where you need to be, said Charro B, so sternly.

I've turned corners with my tan.  You showed up with yellow hands. 
I sang songs not on YouTube, and accidentally flashed you my boob.

You wore red, purple and gold.
I think that was pretty bold.

We had lots of WIFs and WIFs

Many times I got pissed at you.

You even smacked me right in the face,
for turning around to check my weight.

You don't like to be the police.
I brought pizza, but just one piece.

In my FFJs you wrote Geez in a box.
I kept food logs and wore crazy socks.

You've had 45 different offices.
and tried to get rid of all my devices.

I've been on Merry-go-rounds and on and off buses.
It doesn't take coke for you to say lots of cusses.

You've pulled out your scissors and cut your hair.
The look on my face was that of despair.

I've almost been fired on several occasions.
You wear jeans when you go on vacations.

There was the TF and TFT.
I don't miss going to 51st street.

There were smokers outside of 12th.
That was not really good for our health.

I told Pedro I wanted to help decorate his tree
That's when he turned a little creepy.

Now we have stupid Eataly.
Where I often go to get water and pee.

I'm still shifty and discuss my hamthighs.
When you mention Joel, I let out a big sigh.

At least I have the urge to throw a lot less.
That's a good thing, 'cause it's kind of a mess.

A bird crapped on my head and you didn't care.
You wouldn't even help me get it out of my hair.

You weighed me in the hall and that was the worst.
You say I drink too much water, but it's just my thirst.

So many memories after 9 years.
You'd really be happy if I'd shed some tears.

If we have 9 more, we'll really be old.
In the summer the office is brutally cold.

So this concludes my little trip down memory road
I'm sure I forgot stuff, there was quite a load.

So happy 9 years, is that a good thing?
March 20th was the first day of Spring.


ashley mclennan said...

even though this poem is full of things that I am sure only you and her would understand I loved reading this and I think that you are so talented please keep posting I can not wait to read more of your work

PTC said...

Well, if you're REALLY, REALLY bored, there are over 4000 posts. LOL!