Sunday, March 20, 2016

Skip it

Sometimes dinner is unnecessary, like when you go to a friend's for brunch and are still too full from it to eat dinner.  I have a feeling that others (Charro) might disagree with that.  Actually, "might" might be quite the understatement.  Sometimes I just don't care.  I haven't been working out at a normal intensity in 6 weeks and that bugs me, and I will be in a bikini next week, so there's that.  I'm hoping to try running tomorrow to see how that goes.  Hopefully my head will feel fine and I can start getting back into shape.  That will make me happy because I am so sick of the elliptical, plus the weather is getting nice so I want to be able to run outside.  Okay, so it's snowing now, but it was 80 degrees 10 days ago.  Weird.  I'd like to be running barefoot on the beach next week so let's hope for a non-concussed head.


E said...

How did you get another concussion? :(

I think some people would say that someone with an ED should never skip a meal. I know that was drilled in my head back in the day, but now that I'm not really struggling, I'd have to say I'm not sure I totally agree. I guess it's complicated. Do you feel like you're maybe subconsciously restricting because of the upcoming trip and inability to run? Or did you really feel physically full from brunch? Are you able to distinguish the difference? Just some questions to ask yourself.

I think human bodies are complicated and different. A striving towards intuitive eating (rather than following a structured meal plan) is always preferred.

PTC said...

Yep, hit my head 6 weeks ago. Finally started feeling better a week ago. Gave myself a week symptom free and ran this morning. So far so good.

Oh, I was definitely full. I ate for 4 hours. I definitely know when I'm hungry and when I'm not, although Charro would beg to differ.