Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Fried mozz

Last night I had a dream I was at Charro's house, babysitting I think.  I know I got there in the morning and I think by the time Charro got home it was after lunch.  I hadn't eaten lunch.  She asked if I had and I told her no. (I'm guessing that I fed her children or she would've killed me:).  I feel like we started the day at the beach and then ended up at her house, but I don't really remember, I just know I was there.

Anyway, when Charro got home she said, "You're staying for dinner." (I guess it was more of a late lunch). I tried to get out of that but she insisted and she said she was making something for me.  She finished cooking and told me to sit down and then put 15 large, triangular fried mozzarella "sticks" in front of me with sauce from a jar.  I was first horrified that she used jarred sauce because she is Italian, although I know she doesn't usually make her own sauce.  I was more horrified because I've never eaten any sauce from a jar.  I'm Italian and it's always been homemade in my house.  I was going to tell her that I couldn't eat them because of her fake sauce, and I think I tried that, but I knew it wouldn't work.  She told me I had to eat 10 of them.  No way in hell I was eating 10 of them.  They were huge.  No one would eat 10 of them.  I tried to sneak some to her daughter but was afraid I was going to get caught.  I ate two and that was it.  I'm not quite sure what happened after that.  Oh, she also poured me a big glass of juice and told me that I had to drink that too.  

I also had a dream that I saw her at the gym I teach at.  She was riding a bike next to her friend.  I had taught two classes and then came out to work out for a while longer.

I hadn't seen Charro for a week so I guess I had a lot to fill her in on, which is probably why I had those dreams.  I had a good sesh.  Can't wait to tell her these dreams on Thursday.

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