Monday, February 22, 2016

Lights out

Charro turned the light out by her for me today because it was bothering my eyes/head.  That's what happens when you hit your head again.  Ugh.  I told her I just wanted to close my eyes because it hurt, so she turned the light off.  My head doesn't hurt like headache hurts, but she knew how I felt because she had her first concussion about 6 months ago, so she gets it.

Here's a fun fact that Charro was really excited to tell me about.  She was sitting across from Molly Ringwald on the train.  

Today I asked Charro how much I weighed on WIF, and not-surprisingly, she wouldn't tell me.  She wanted to know why I wanted to know.  I said, "Because I couldn't tell from your reaction, but I guess if I wasn't where I should be then you would have said something."

Bed time.

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