Thursday, February 25, 2016

Are we WIFFING it again

Charro canceled our sesh for today because she's sick.  I'm okay with that.  She wants to reschedule for tomorrow, but my guess is that she won't be feeling any better, so I'm not counting on seeing her.  Tomorrow would be in the WIF office.  Woo hoo, she could WIF me again, and I know she would just because I'm there and the scale is there.  She says she doesn't "like being the police" but I think she secretly does.

I'm waiting for a client to call me back.  I got new glasses and I can't quite adjust to them.  Trying to get used to them while concussed probably doesn't help my head any either.  

This morning was beautiful.  I was out in my yard, and now it's cloudy and getting cold.  I was hot with long sleeves and no jacket this morning.  It was a lovely Spring like day.

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