Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lunch Date

Woo hoo, I have a lunch date with Charro tomorrow.  Well, she's bringing me lunch and will sit there and she will watch me eat it.  I have no idea what she's bringing, but I'm sure french fries will be involved.  She said something about McDonald's and veggie burgers and I was like, "Um, they don't have veggie burgers."  I do know they have breakfast all day long.  So, while I'm sitting there eating whatever the hell she's getting me, I told her she needs to tell me about the night she got her tattoo, which she has since removed but I can still see the remnants of it on her ankle.  She said it's a good story and she'll tell me.  It gets awkward with the whole money thing because I ask her what I owe her but she says "Nothing."  I guess she can write it off.  I don't know.  Oh well, it will be interesting.

It's going to be freezing the next few days.  I'll get through it.  So far this winter has been a breeze compared to last, but there's still time for all hell to break loose.  Hopefully it won't, and it will stay on the "warm" side.  I'm escaping in two weeks anyway, so that will be nice.  TJ Maxx and Marshalls need to up their supply of bikinis because right now it's pretty poor!  I guess I can find some down South, not that I'm really having a bikini shortage.  

It looks like it's going to snow.  I finally took down my Christmas tree and vacuumed all of the needles up.  My apartment looks huge now.  I was so bored that I actually did yoga too.  I'm not really sure what came over me with that.  I think my back is actually a little sore from it.  Weird.  I want to get more flexible so I'll give it a shot. I can do it in my apartment, which makes it good because I can't stand to hear people breathe and I don't want to waste an hour at the gym doing yoga.

I'm hoping to get tickets to a show tonight.  We'll see if I get lucky.  I love musicals!



E said...

Not sure how you feel about Target but they have tons of bikinis right now.

PTC said...

I was in there the other day and checked them out. Didn't see any I liked.