Monday, June 29, 2015

Here comes WIW

Charro asked me if I was sad because we missed WIF on Friday.  I said, "No!  I was so happy that you cancelled."  She said, "You were.  You'd rather have WIF cancelled than see the brilliant me?"  I said, "yes."  Then she said how we won't have WIF this week and I responded with "I know, I'm very excited."  Then she decided that we'd have WIW in Kruger's office.  I said, "Kruger has a scale?"  She said, "No, but I will bring one."  I tried to tell her that she shouldn't carry it on the train because it's heavy and that it wouldn't be calibrated correctly.  She disagreed and then said how I wouldn't get to see my weight either.  What?  Why is that?  She said because she's in charge and that I'd weigh myself at home anyway.  That is true, but she lets me see my weight on Fridays.  Hmm, whatever.

So she asked me why I was wearing my heart rate monitor.  I told her that I wasn't, which, I was that moment.  I had my watch on that goes with it, but had taken the rest of the device off.  So, when she asked why I was wearing my HRM monitor and I said, "I'm not," it wasn't actually a lie.  I was NOT wearing it at that moment, but I was wearing it on my run on my way to see her.  Oh well.  It could possibly be considered a lie but not like the one she's going to tell Kruger about the cat statue she hides every time she uses Kruger's office because she doesn't like it.  I guess that's to avoid hurting her feelings, but whatever.

Okay, time to get my laundry out.

Friday, June 26, 2015

WIF Relief

I woke up and checked my email and there was one from Charro saying that she was out sick today.  I was not disappointed because that means that I don't have to have WIF.  :)  Since next Friday is a holiday, I won't see her then either, which means NO WIF for two weeks in a row.  Just when I was about to get fired too.  Somebody is watching out for me.

I have a busy weekend.  The weather is going to be crappy, which stinks, but whatever.  

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yellow hands

I had an interesting sesh yesterday, to say the least.  It started out pretty normal and then Charro looked down and noticed that her hands were yellow.  She asked if I thought they were yellow and I confirmed that they were.  She started freaking out about them, rightfully so, I guess, and started googling "yellow hands" during our sesh.  I kept asking her if she wanted me to leave because I could tell that she was freaking out and kind of felt like she wasn't going to be able to pay attention to me and it was going to be a waste of my money.  I also wanted to leave so I wouldn't have to do WIF.  Anyway, I stayed for 35 minutes and then she asked if she could give me some time next week.  She said she'd give me 10 minutes more, but I don't think she realizes that she cut me short 15 min.  I'm not going to tell her, so whatever.  I kind of feel like should get a free sesh, since we talked about her hands most of the time.  It is what it is, and she was freaking out, but still, it's not cheap.  Oh well.  I wouldn't have written about this if there was something seriously wrong, but there wasn't.  Turns out her yellow powder spilled in her bag and it got all over her hands.  I've never heard of yellow powder, but okay.  I emailed her to see how she was and she was at the doctor waiting.  She emailed me about 10 minutes later to say it was yellow powder.  I'm sure she felt like a dumbass, but it happens to all of us.  I got shit on by a bird on my way to see her yesterday.  I guess that turned out to be good luck because I was "ok" for WIF.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tomorrow is D day

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of worried about WIF tomorrow.  I don't think I'm going to make it and that will be the end.  I need to pick out an outfit to wear.  I should do that as soon as I'm done with this post.  This is not going to be fun.  I bet she's going to want to weigh me before the end of the sesh too, in case we need to talk about it, or something.  I still think it's crazy how she thinks I've lost weight when I went from wearing 85 layers of clothes during our horrific winter, to wearing shorts and tank tops.  Clearly I've lost clothes.  There were some days that I had two pairs of pants on because it was so cold.  I'm not sure how I'm supposed gain back the weight that I lost when I never even lost it to begin with.  Blah.  There's a good chance that I'll leave my sesh really pissed off tomorrow, then I'm not sure what will happen and what I'll do as part of my reaction, but it probably won't be good.

Friday, June 12, 2015

No Starbucks, but Surprise WIF

I was fully geared up, and totally not ready for this full fat, calorie loaded, mocha lacka chacka drink from Starbucks today, but much to my pleasant surprise, it did not happen.  She had someone before me so she couldn't get it.  YAY!!  That was the good news.  The bad news is that she WIFfed me.  Yep, thought she wasn't going to weigh me until next Friday, since she weighed me on Tuesday, but she did and I lost weight.  I was totally unprepared for WIF.  So, once again, I got the lecture that if I'm not up at least a pound by next we "we have to take a break."  

My favorite is when she asks me why I've lost weight.  Really, I don't know.  I didn't know I had lost weight so how am I supposed to know why??  I don't know why, my body just did.  I lost at least another pound when I got home and cleaned out my system after eating too many berries yesterday. 

So that's the story.  The saga continues.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Surprise WIT

I did not see Charro on Monday so I went yesterday, to her other office...the one with the scale.  Yuck.  Much to my surprise, we had WIT.  (Weigh in Tuesday).  That was fun and unexpected.  I got the "If you're not up to 103 by next week, that's it, I can't work with you anymore."  Okay, how many times have I gotten that threat before?  85 million, but that's just an estimate.  She said she's giving me 10 days and that I "promised" her that I wouldn't go below 103.  Let's get something straight right now, I NEVER made that promise, ever!  I don't even remember that last time I weighed 103, maybe 15 years ago when I was in college?  So ya, whatever, I'll make it work.  Either her scale is wrong (and that works in my favor) or mine is wrong.  I'm going to guess that both are right, I'm just wearing clothes, have eaten and had lots of water before I get on hers.  So that's that.

She's supposed to bring in the most dreaded thing ever on Friday...A Starbucks mocha, frappe, whatever with with while milk and whipped cream.  UM...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  That is so NOT cool and if she does, it better have caffeine in it so I can at least burn a little bit extra off.  That thing is more than a meal and I'm not looking forward to it.  I'm hoping, really hoping, that she forgets.  I don't think she will this time because she's been saying she was going to do this for a few months now.  Something so exciting for me to look forward to.