Saturday, January 24, 2015

NO blizzards, PLEASE!

My weekend is not going as planned, but I can't change that right now.

I just heard on the news that we may get a blizzard Monday into Tuesday.  I am supposed to fly out of here on Wednesday morning and if we get a blizzard, that probably won't happen.  I will cry!  I can't take it.  I need to get out of here and into the sun.  I will be so sad.  HOPEFULLY this thing will go out to sea and not cause any problems.  I swear, please, please let it go out to sea.  I need to get out of here.  :(

Friday, January 23, 2015

Did I say that about my sticks?

There was no talk of heart rate monitors or fitbits during my sesh today.  That was a good thing.  I don't know if I'm expected to bring those two items to her on Monday, but she didn't remind me so I'm guessing that I'm not.  Well, she probably wants me to do it on my own, but again, I'm not.

The next drink that Charro is bringing for me is apparently going to be chocolate milk.  I'm not quite sure when that will happen, but on Monday she said that I am going to have a caloric drink every Monday.  I don't think that's going to happen either.

I'm seeing Charro Monday and Tuesday next week, since I'm going away.  I told her today that I need to change up my breakfast.  I said, "Good thing you're sitting down."  She's like, "After 25 years you're finally sick of your breakfast?"  Yep.  We'll see what happens.  I don't have any milk so I can't have cereal tomorrow.  That's change number one!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The OJ

Well Charro brought me the orange juice.  She made me sit there until I finished it.  She was like, "No one's coming in after you so take as long as you need."  I ended up staying 4 minutes longer than I should have.  190 calories later, the OJ was gone.  About 15 minutes later, the stabbing stomach pains started.  That was great.  I emailed Charro and told her that I was having the "OJ effect, without the glove."  Get it, OJ Simpson...stabbing.  She said next week she'll bring me a sweeter, less acidic drink.  Great.  I love all of these stupid drinks.

So there was the OJ and then Charro brought up my heart rate monitor and how I must bring that and my Fitbit into her on Friday.  Wait!!  What???  My Fitbit?!  All of a sudden she remembers about my Fitbit??  There was NO mention of that thing since I told her that I got it during our phone sesh.  The next time I saw her she asked me what I got for Christmas and left the Fitbit out because I thought she forgot that I had told her what I got for Christmas.  Apparently, she did not forgot.  I even said to her, "I thought you forgot about that."  She said, "No, I've been checking your wrists.  Do you just not wear it here or are you not wearing it at all."  I told her that I'm wearing it.  I had it on my wrist the the whole time, she just didn't see it.  So, there was that.  I told her that I'm not giving her $300 dollars worth of items so she can stick them in the closet and possibly get stolen.  She said that she'll put them in a drawer.  Um, that's not that safe.  I mean, realistically, I don't think they would get taken, but you never know.  Someone stole my orange juice out of the office fridge last week, so it's possible.

Ugh, I have WIF on Friday and then probably again on Tuesday before I go away.  Yuck.  WIF, juice and no heart rate monitor and Fitbit.  Hmmm.  Not okay!

Anyway, I probably won't have dinner because my stomack still doesn't feel great.  That's not my fault.  I don't think the OJ was great for my colitis either.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Time to Extinguish

I've had enough of winter and I still have a good two months left of it.  I was sweaty by the time I got to Charro's yesterday.  I ran a few blocks because I left 8 minutes later than I usually do and thought I was going to be late.  I was telling her how I went ice skating and almost said how I didn't even wear my heart rate monitor, but I stopped myself because I didn't want to bring that device up because she was supposed to take it away from me a while ago.  So, I moved on and said something else.  Later on in the conversation, I did mention it and she said, "I thought you were giving that to me."  I said, "No."  She said something about taking it away from me and I said, "You forgot so I didn't bring it up."  Of course then she said something (as  I knew she would) about me having to take control of my treatment.  Yada yada.  She said that we are going to discuss me "extinguishing that thing, that means not using it (thanks for the clarification. lol) on Monday."  Okay, I don't think that will happen because she'll forget again

She's all ready to bring my my damn orange juice though.  She said, "I'll try to find some without pulp for you."  Thanks.  Maybe every store will be sold out of OJ and we won't have to deal with that.  I asked her if I could bring a straw and she said she'd get one for me.  I was just kidding, but whatever.

So, that's that.  It's freezing out.  My jaw froze this morning.  I have to go out tonight, but I guess I could take the subway.  We'll see how I feel.

Monday, January 12, 2015

OJ (Not Simpson)

I walked into Charro's office and the first thing she saw to me was, "I'm so mad.  Someone stole your juice!"  What?  She said she went to go get it out of the refrigerator and it was gone.  Some one took it, probably by mistake, but it was gone none the less.  Lucky me! :)  She said she tried to order a soda from downstairs but they wouldn't deliver it.  YAY!  I do NOT want soda.  I hate bubbles.  I'll drink the damn juice, if I have to, but I will not drink a soda.  Oh, I was like, "It didn't have pulp in it, did it?"  She said, "Yes, a ton."  I was like, "Ugh, that's disgusting."  She said it had a little pulp, but not a ton.  Ew, I hate pulp.  I don't even like orange juice, but I'm going to have to drink it, I guess.  We'll see if she remembers next week.  I wonder if she'll put a note on it that says, "Do not steal!"  Haha.

So, that's my juice story.  

Friday, January 09, 2015

No more Christmas

I'm taking own Christmas...sad day.

Saw Charro today.  It was snowing pretty hard when I walked there, so it was slick, but pretty.  I ended up talking to this guy most of my walk there.  He asked what street I was going to and he was going to the same one.  How weird.  He's married with three children so it's not like he was hitting on me, just a friendly chat, which was nice for a change because usually nobody talks.

I unsuccessfully keep trying to get Charro to stop with WIF.  She told me not to put my boots on before I stepped on the scale.  Hmm, she's onto me.  She said I lost a pound so I need to be back up next week, aka , I need to wear heavier clothes or something.  Oh WIF.

Let's see if Charro remembers my juice on Monday.  I'm going with NO on that.  :)  I can't count on her forgetting, which is nice.  It's like a get out of jail free card. :)

Monday, January 05, 2015


Charro said she was going to challenge me more this year and it's starting with juice next Monday.  I'm not too concerned because I'm pretty sure that she won't remember that she said she was going to bring juice for me, which means that I won't have to drink any juice.  I even told her that I don't think she'll remember to bring it, I didn't hide that.  I feel like she forgets things she's going to do a lot, which is fine with me.  

She asked me what I got for Christmas and I said, "I already told you."  She said, "No you didn't" and said, "Yes I did," and then proceeded to tell her again what I got, leaving out that I got a FitBit, which I had told her I got when I spoke to her last week.  She was supposed to take that away from me today, but she can't take it away if she doesn't remember that I even got it as a gift.

That being said, Charro is a very good T and she does remember pretty much everything, the important stuff, she just seems for forget things like that.  I'm still not convinced that she actually forgets about these things or if they're tests for me to bring them up myself to take more control over my treatment.  I don't know, but I'm not reminding her of the juice or the FitBit.  :)

Oh yea, she told me that she needs to put the kibosh on my blog because she thinks it's disordered.  She asked if I'm still writing on it and I said "sometimes," and that's when she told me that I should stop.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Slow Sunday

I was planning on going to the gym this morning but I have absolutely no energy.  I guess that's not really a good excuse.  I taught two classes yesterday, so I did 2 hours and 40 minutes of activity, and I've been sick, still don't feel great, so I guess it's okay if I don't go to the gym.  I'm doing a little cleaning in my apartment.  I cleaned for like 15 minutes and then needed to relax a bit.  I guess my body is telling me to rest.  I've been getting a lot of sleep, which is good, and I'll probably take a nap today.

I'm meeting up with a friend later, so that will be nice.  Haven't seen her in a few weeks.  I'd put my Christmas stuff away, but my tree is still up, and not coming down until it's dead, so no sense in taking down the boxes to put my Christmas stuff in yet.

I hope Charro doesn't cancel tomorrow, but it's fine is she does.

Friday, January 02, 2015

No Skype

Charro canceled our Skype sesh this morning because she has a cold.  It's totally fine because that means I'm saving money, but still, um, I've had a cold all week and I've still managed to do things like, go to the gym , play tennis, go to the office, sleep a lot.  Again, I'm totally fine with the fact that she canceled because I do get that she's probably so tired, like I am, but that would have been the easiest $100 ever for her.  She could sit in her house and Skype for 50 minutes and make $100.  Hey, at least I saved it. :)

I have to go out with some friends in a few minutes and I'd much rather sleep on my couch all day.  I guess I should probably dry my hair so I'm not out in the cold with wet hair while I'm sick.  At least I don't sound like a man anymore.

Tomorrow I have to teach 2 aerobics classes, which will be tough, but whatever.  That is all I have to do all day so I can manage that.

Ok, time to get dressed.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Fitbit time

I told Charro that I got a Fitbit for Christmas.  She was not pleased, as expected, and thinks I'm going to give it to her when I see her on Monday.  That is not the case either.  I'm not being all obsessive with it so there's no need for me to give it up.  

I've got the cold that my entire office has/had.  I feel stinky.  I didn't work out today, not so much because I'm sick, but because I left early this morning to come back to NYC and didn't have time.  I guess it's okay for me to take a day off, especially if I'm sick.

I had a dream that I was IP last night.  That was interesting.  I wish I could remember it but I can't really.  I know there were a bunch of us bunking in one room and I woke up and wanted cereal but for some reason I couldn't have my cereal that I wanted.  Not really sure what else happened.

I'm having a Skype sesh with Charro tomorrow.

Oh ya, Happy New Year.  I was in bed by 9 PM last night.