Sunday, November 01, 2015

Marathon Day

It's NYC marathon day, a day that I really don't care about at all.  Charro thinks it's because I'm jealous that these people "overexercise," but it has nothing to do with that.  I just don't understand why the hell anyone would want to run 26 miles.  I went out to watch it, only because my friend is in town and wanted to go out there.  I lasted way longer than I wanted to, only to be nice, but then I came in.  It's just boring to me.  I don't want to drive for 4 hours, never mind run for 4 hours.  People who run wear their medals around their neck for the next few days.  I would never.  I see people with their medals and wonder if people really care that they ran it.  I know I don't.  I know I sound like a cranky person, but I don't care.  I know it takes a lot of hard work and training, but it's nothing I'm interested in. 

In other news, I hate my fat stomach and my fat arms.  I need to do something about this.  I guess I'll bring this up with Charro tomorrow.  There was something else I wanted to talk to her about but I can't remember what it was.  Oh ya, I remember.  

I need sleep.  I got home at 2:30 this morning and woke up at 7 AM.  I'll sleep tonight, I guess.

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