Friday, November 20, 2015

Here comes a WIF

I had a double sesh with Charro yesterday, which I really like.  I've done them a few times before and I like them because I feel like I start to talk more in the second half.  Charro agrees.  She's still talking about bringing in those damn french fries.  I told her that I won't eat McDonald's fries because they're fried in animal fat.  I don't know if that's true,  but I feel like I heard that somewhere so I went with it.  I then told her that I couldn't see her in two Thursdays, but I could do a phone sesh Friday.  She said "9 AM," and I said, "4 PM," just because sometimes I would see her at 4 so I was testing her out to see if she had that.  Then she said I could come in and see her at 4 pm at the other office (office with the scale that I haven't been to in months).  I told her that I wouldn't be back in town by then and she said, "Yes you will.  You're coming in and we're going to WIF you and if you don't, you have to call your doctor and tell her you're coming in to get weighed and then she needs to call me with your weight."  I made a face and said, "Well, my doctor is in Florida now (she just left the practice and moved) so that's not going to work.  She said, "then you have to go get weighed by her predecessor."  I said, "That's no happening.  I'm not calling them up and saying that I need to come in to get weighed."  She said, "Then you're coming in here and I'm going to weigh you blind."  Blah!  She said, that she could send me to one of her doctors here to get weighed, if I wanted that.  NO thank you.  I'll let her weigh me, at least I'll be clothed.  Good thing it will be that time of year to wear my horrifically ugly Christmas sweater that weighs a lot. :)  I'll make sure not to wear anything under it so she can't make me take it off.

I'm not looking forward to these damn french fries either.

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