Thursday, October 01, 2015

Not feeling so hot

Charro told me that I'm going to have to weigh myself soon so I can report back to her to make sure I haven't lost any weight.  Well, I think I have the stomach flu right now, so I'm not sure that doing that any time soon is a good idea.  I was nauseous all night last night and still am.  I didn't even eat breakfast before I went to go see her this morning and have barely eaten anything all day.  My stomach does not feel good at all.  I thought I was going to have to get out of bed last night to throw up, but I didn't.  I just don't feel good and I can't eat.  I just want to go to bed too.

My friend is in town and I feel bad because I did absolutely nothing today.  She went shopping while I went to teach aerobics, in which I did nothing but weights in because I didn't think bouncing around was going to feel so good.  I hope I feel better by Saturday when I have to teach two classes.

So, that's about it really.  My friend has been here since last Tuesday and doesn't leave until Wednesday.  I look forward to getting my space back.

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