Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wild and crazy dream

I don't even know where to start with the dream that I had last night, basically because I don't know where it started.  I was with my friend J, who was sometimes my favorite singer, M, so I will call her MJ because I don't know when they switched people.  Anyway, I was with MJ and we were walking and I think it had come out the she had an ED, so we were walking and talking and that's when I found out that she was also bulimic.  At this point it was M, that I remember, because I said to her, "That's really bad for your singing."  She said, "I know."  She is really skinny and I always (in real life) wanted to be as thin as she is.  So we were walking and talking and then we got back to the house.  I'm not sure whose house it was, but that's where we were going/staying, and there were a bunch of our friends there.  It was weird, there were people who I grew up with who weren't really my friends in the dream.  

We got to the house after having a good conversation and I'm not really sure what happened, but they all approached us about going into treatment.  I think something like this had happened before our walk, which is how I knew she had an ED and I also think that we escaped them by going out for a walk, so there must have been some mention of this before we went on our walk.  Anyway, we got back and they had papers for us to sign.  My friend's mom, who is a therapist in real life, as is  my friend now, was there.  She tried to talk to both of us.  (not MJ's mom, a different friend).  She tried to convince us that we needed to go.  MJ and I were like "We could room together," but we were joking because neither of us were going to go and we knew that if we did agree, they weren't going to send us to the same place.  

I escaped into the kitchen, when my friend's mom came in with the papers, trying to get me to sign then.  I refused and walked away.  MJ agreed, or at least she pretended to, but said that she has to wait a month because she's having back surgery.  I think she had them convinced, but I don't think she was actually planning on going.

The two of us met back up and tried to hide from the group of people trying to talk to us.  We were in a raised ranch, so we went down to the first floor and everyone else was right above us.  The floor was weird, almost like a glass table with some roping, so they could see down to where we were, but we were kind of hiding under a table, crawling, while they looked down trying to find us.  I think they finally found us.  They were all convinced that MJ was going to go into treatment, so they were working on me.  One of them came to get me and said, "Can you come with me into the pool room?"  So I went, unwillingly, and this tall blond lady and her daughter (The daughter worked at the school that I worked at in real life) came in with a man, I think her husband.  They were the "big guns" brought in to try and convince me to go.  The man hugged me and asked how I was doing.  I said, "good."  He said, "Just good.  How can you be better."  I said, "I could be better if I was on a beach, nice an warm."  I think the took that to mean that I was cold because I didn't eat enough.  Both the ladies were in white pants and a white shirt.  They had the papers with them and started to talk to me.  That's when I woke up.  

I just remembered, I told MJ that she could go see Charro and that she'd love her.

What a crazy dream.  I haven't had one of those in a while.  I wonder if it's because I ate (or didn't eat) like crap last week.  Yesterday I felt so sick and almost threw up, I think because I was so exhausted.  I had a headache and didn't have anything to take for it, so it got worse and then I got nauseous.  It was not pretty.  I went to bed at 8:45 but was awake from 4-6 AM.  I still need more sleep.

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