Friday, September 11, 2015

New and Weird

I started my new schedule with Charro this week and I no longer see her  on Friday mornings, which seems bizarre.  I'm sure there will be days when I have to go in on Friday instead of Thursday, which of course means that she will WIF me.  I was on my way to her yesterday morning and she emailed me to see if I wanted to reschedule for today because she was stuck in traffic.  My response was "I'm almost there."  I got my ass out of bed on a rainy day, bright and early and paid for the bus to get down there, I was not rescheduling for this morning.  It all worked out and she got there 15 minutes late, so she's going to make up the time to me on Monday.

I'm tired.  I'm not sleeping well because I'm worried about my cat.  He's not doing well.  I'm trying some meds to get his strength back, but he's old and I don't know if they'll work.  I don't think I'll have much time with him. :(  It's very sad.  Of course, I put his needs above my own and probably am not eating enough, but I don't care.  Speaking of which, I should probably eat breakfast.

I can't believe it's been 14 years since our country was brutally attacked.  September 11th is a day that all of us remember every detail of where we were and what we were doing when all of this happened.  There are still no words.  I see Tower One, the new World Trade Center, every day and think about what used to be there.  Never Forget!

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