Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Everyday occurance

I told Charro about my bad dinner on Sunday night.  I was very, very surprised that she didn't give me a lecture.  I was shocked, actually.  Usually I get the same old lecture about how I have to eat, blah blah, but she didn't let me have it.

Tonight,  I will struggle again with what to have for dinner.  I made a veggie stirfry last night and it was awful.  It sits in my fridge, probably never to be eaten.  I ended up having oatmeal.  Not great again, I know.  Tonight will be an issue again.  Tomorrow night I'm going out for dinner, so that will be better.

Charro asked me if I think I'm keeping my weight up.  I'm going to guess that I'm not, considering my eating lately.  I don't know because I don't have a scale, but I'm sure I'm down.  I can tell this because my stomach isn't completely grossing me out at the moment.

Ah, my poor kitty.  We sat outside for a while today.  I knew if I got up, he would get up, so I stayed with him.  I know that there aren't many days left of us sitting together. :(

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