Friday, August 21, 2015

Second to last WIF

WIF is winding down.  Today we had WIF in Kruger's office on Charro's scale, which I like better then her real scale at the other office.  This one is her personal scale and it's digital and I like it.  Anyway, I thought it would be wise for me to bring breakfast in for the two of us, since I needed to be a certain weight and I thought that would help the process along, temporarily at least.  Apparently, Charro isn't as dumb as I thought because she was like, "Don't think I don't know what you're doing with this eating thing."  Oh, okay, you got me.  It worked though because I didn't fail WIF.  :)

Charro kept saying, "We need to talk about what's going to happen because I won't be able to weigh you anymore when we switch offices.  (I got very, very excited about that).  I said, "Okay, let's talk about it."  She asked me if I would continue to weigh myself and I said, "No."  My logic behind that is that I won't have to lie to her about my weight if I don't weigh myself.  Then she said I should weigh myself ever 2 weeks, then she said I shouldn't.  Then she said she was going to surprise weigh me with random weigh ins every now and then, which I am not thrilled about.  I don't want random weigh ins because I can't properly prepare myself for them.

So, I have one more WIF to get through and then who knows what will happen.

Oh, so Charro spilled food on her boob and she must have licked her finger to try and get it off, so she was rubbing her boob.  She goes, "Excuse me while I lick my breast."  That was hysterical.

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