Friday, August 21, 2015

Crazy awakening

I was texting with a friend this morning, who I recently reconnected with.  She came into the city on Monday so we got to hang out for a bit.  She and I were pretty tight back in the day, she's bulimic and we colluded with one another.  Anyway, this morning she said how she hopped on her scale three times and got three different numbers and how aggravated she was.  I thought, I do not miss that.  I don't miss those days of hopping on and off the scale 10 times each time I weighed myself.  I needed to get three of the same weight readings in a row in order to believe that that was my weight.  Not really a life I miss, I've got to say.  I felt like saying to her, "You don't need your scale," but I didn't want to sound like one of those annoying recovered people (which I'm so not) trying to say that life can be better.

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