Friday, July 10, 2015

Hallway WIF

WIF was a complete nightmare today.  They moved somethings around in Charro's office, and she was not happy about it because the scale was one of the things that got moved.  Anyway, I got on and she made me get off while she moved it and did something else to it.  She made me get back on and she didn't think it was right so she was like, "Come with me."  I shook my head no and was like, "I'm not going out there."  We walked down the hall and there was a scale right out in the middle of the hall.  There was a man standing next to it, getting coffee or something, and then other people, patients, I think, walking by.  It was right by a room so I sort of stepped into the room and looked at her and was like, "I'm not getting on that."  I was NOT happy about this, to say the least.  I didn't want everyone to see me getting weighed.  I don't care about the number, I just don't want people to see me there period, never mind getting weighed.  So, I got on and it seemed like it took a while for her to get my weight.  I got off and turned right around and started walking back to her office.  I looked at her and said, "I'm going to kill you right now.  That was not cool."  We got into her office and she goes, "Do you hate me?"  I said, "Yes, that was so not cool and not okay."  She tried to explain to me that that's the scale that everyone uses and it's not for ED people, just for everyone in the program.  Then she went on to say how substance abuse used it, which backfired because then she had to explain that people aren't going to think I have a substance abuse problem now.  Whatever, none of it was okay and that is NEVER happening again, that's for sure!!!  She's not going to hear the end of it from me on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, I'm seeing her in the morning and she's bringing the stupid latte (or something) with whipped cream (NO thanks) and then proceeds to tell me that she will bring me a little something to eat with it as well.  Um, NO thanks!  No need for food when I'm having this huge caloric beverage.  Yuck.  Maybe she'll forget, but I've gotten off so many times with this that I think it's actually going to happen this time.  :(

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