Thursday, July 02, 2015

Forgot the scale

Charro forgot to bring her scale yesterday, which made me happy.  She also told me that she can't do next Friday and then she'll be away the following Friday, so that means I will not be weighed by her in over a month.  That makes me really happy. :)  It's all so stupid.  I refuse to gain weight, so why can't she just accept that and move on?

I wrong a song about entitled "I Wear WIF Jeans," to the tune of "I've Got Sunshine."  I half sang it for her yesterday.  One of the lines is how I wear WIF jeans (My heavily studded jeans that I wear on Weigh in Friday) to make sure I'm 103.  So, of course that became a heated discussion about how I'm trying to fool her into thinking I weigh more, which is not untrue, but I also make weight when I'm NOT wearing those jeans, so it's not entirely true either.  Of course this all happened with 2 minutes left in my sesh, so we didn't get very far.   I think she's over it all, but I kind of am too.  

I'm also kind of annoyed that she just told me that she won't be here next Friday.  She was out sick last Friday.  I guess I really don't care since that's WIF, but still, and then she's gone the following Friday.  Whatever.

I feel like I have bugs crawling in my hair because I was just out working on my plants.  I'd like the sun to come out.  I planted some seeds from a pepper the other day and I'd like to see if they're actually going to grow.  My mom will be so happy because they're her favorite peppers.

I think I'll eat lunch now, even though it's only 11:12 AM.

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