Monday, July 06, 2015

Date invite at Charro's

It's been a strange day.  I was on my way to Charro's and I saw this woman who I saw on the subway yesterday.  I was on a train I never ride and I saw this woman with her son.  I noticed her because her arms were nice and toned, then I saw the skull tattoo on her arm.  That was it, I went on my way.  So today I'm walking to Charro's, in a different part of town, and I see her crossing the street.  HOW WEIRD!!  Okay, really, it is so weird.

I get to Charro and have my sesh.  My bra strap fell down and she commented on how I was wearing a blue bra.  Um, ok, that was odd and I don't remember what she said but it was funny.  Then she said, "Not that I'm checking out your bra."  She then said how hard it is to find navy blue.  Well, not when you don't have big boobs it's not.  

We talked about my WIF jeans, at the very end of my sesh, and she said something about how I shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag on that one, but I did and that's what I'm supposed to do.  She said, "From now on, No WIF jeans, keys in your pocket, or belts on WIF.  I said, "I have to wear belts or my pants will fall down.  She said, "Then buy smaller pants."

I'm going to have some time to kill on Friday.  I wasn't supposed to see her on Friday but now she's around so I'll see her at 9 AM and then I have a doctor's appointment in that building at 1 PM.  I'll have 3 hours to kill.  I guess I can go get lunch somewhere close by, but that's a touristy area so there's nothing good and cheap.  I'll figure it out.  I'm going to see if I can change my 1 PM and make it earlier, but I'm guessing that I won't be able to.

I left Charro and went out to the elevator.  I put on my Fitbit and thought I heard her coming, but it wasn't her, it was an old man.  We got on the elevator together and when we got off he said to me, "May I take you to lunch?"  UM, NO!  I said, "No thank you, I already ate."  Then I asked him what he was going to eat and he said fish.  I said, "Good thing I said no because I don't eat fish.  Have a good day."  I emailed Charro right away to tell her because I knew she'd find that funny and she responded with, "Oh no.  I saw him, he's a little off."

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