Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yellow hands

I had an interesting sesh yesterday, to say the least.  It started out pretty normal and then Charro looked down and noticed that her hands were yellow.  She asked if I thought they were yellow and I confirmed that they were.  She started freaking out about them, rightfully so, I guess, and started googling "yellow hands" during our sesh.  I kept asking her if she wanted me to leave because I could tell that she was freaking out and kind of felt like she wasn't going to be able to pay attention to me and it was going to be a waste of my money.  I also wanted to leave so I wouldn't have to do WIF.  Anyway, I stayed for 35 minutes and then she asked if she could give me some time next week.  She said she'd give me 10 minutes more, but I don't think she realizes that she cut me short 15 min.  I'm not going to tell her, so whatever.  I kind of feel like should get a free sesh, since we talked about her hands most of the time.  It is what it is, and she was freaking out, but still, it's not cheap.  Oh well.  I wouldn't have written about this if there was something seriously wrong, but there wasn't.  Turns out her yellow powder spilled in her bag and it got all over her hands.  I've never heard of yellow powder, but okay.  I emailed her to see how she was and she was at the doctor waiting.  She emailed me about 10 minutes later to say it was yellow powder.  I'm sure she felt like a dumbass, but it happens to all of us.  I got shit on by a bird on my way to see her yesterday.  I guess that turned out to be good luck because I was "ok" for WIF.

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