Monday, June 29, 2015

Here comes WIW

Charro asked me if I was sad because we missed WIF on Friday.  I said, "No!  I was so happy that you cancelled."  She said, "You were.  You'd rather have WIF cancelled than see the brilliant me?"  I said, "yes."  Then she said how we won't have WIF this week and I responded with "I know, I'm very excited."  Then she decided that we'd have WIW in Kruger's office.  I said, "Kruger has a scale?"  She said, "No, but I will bring one."  I tried to tell her that she shouldn't carry it on the train because it's heavy and that it wouldn't be calibrated correctly.  She disagreed and then said how I wouldn't get to see my weight either.  What?  Why is that?  She said because she's in charge and that I'd weigh myself at home anyway.  That is true, but she lets me see my weight on Fridays.  Hmm, whatever.

So she asked me why I was wearing my heart rate monitor.  I told her that I wasn't, which, I was that moment.  I had my watch on that goes with it, but had taken the rest of the device off.  So, when she asked why I was wearing my HRM monitor and I said, "I'm not," it wasn't actually a lie.  I was NOT wearing it at that moment, but I was wearing it on my run on my way to see her.  Oh well.  It could possibly be considered a lie but not like the one she's going to tell Kruger about the cat statue she hides every time she uses Kruger's office because she doesn't like it.  I guess that's to avoid hurting her feelings, but whatever.

Okay, time to get my laundry out.

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