Friday, May 22, 2015

It's not me this time

Well, guess who got a concussion?  Nope, it wasn't me for was Charro.  She had a million questions for me, since I've had so many.  I confirmed that her symptoms were in fact similar to the ones I've had.  She went to a neurologist a few days after it happened, I however, fail to even see my GP.  

That was a lot of our sesh, then there was WIF.  Oh WIF.  I started to put my jacket on right before WIF and she vetoed that.  There went 3 pounds of my life on that scale.  I got on and got the lecture about how I needed to be 104.5 on her scale, even in summer clothes, and I was at least 3 pounds below that.  I told her, once again, that it was because I was wearing less clothes.  Oh ya, before I got on she was like, "What's in your pockets?  You have funny shaped things in there.  Are those weights?"  So I took out the one piece of hard candy and the chapstick that were in my pocket and said, "See, you don't need to pat me down."  So ya, she told me that I need to gain weight.  I don't really remember what she said, but whatever.  It is what it is.  I said, "I honestly have not lost any weight."  She didn't care because she said I need to be higher.  I don't want to be higher and I probably won't be higher, so then we'll go through the whole "I can't work with you if your not this many pounds."  Grr,  Annoying.  Bed time.

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