Saturday, May 09, 2015

Surprise Juice

Charro was supposed to bring some sort of mocha something drink from Starbucks yesterday, but wasn't able to do it because she had people before me.  She emailed me and told me that I could pick up a drink of my choice or we could do the challenge on Monday.  Well, I didn't have time to pick up a drink, not that I was planning on doing so anyway, but when I got there she had a surprise apple juice.  I had to drink that thing, which I don't think was so great for my colitis.  Oh well.  She said the next drink will be the mocha whatever with WHOLE milk.  I said, "There's no need for that!  No need for whole milk."  She disagreed, of course.

Onto WIF...she said exactly what I knew she would.  I was "down" 1.5 lbs yesterday because of my clothing and and she said, "You lost weight."  I said, "No, I lost clothes."  I'm fully aware of my clothes and what's in them and that they add a lot of weight.  The shiites really going to hit the fan when I'm wearing shorts and a tank top.  Oh well.

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