Friday, April 03, 2015

Forgotten dinner

I guess my eating hasn't been so great this week.  Charro asked me this morning how it's been and I responded with, "I forgot to eat dinner the other night."  I legitimately forgot.  I was driving, then I was on the train, and I just forgot about dinner.  Of course she doesn't see it that way and that I am too far along to "forget" about eating.  I really did forget, even if she doesn't believe me.  Of course, I remembered around 9:30 PM and had a yogurt and popcorners, but not really dinner.  I'm getting hungry now and should have lunch, but there's nothing that I'm in the mood for.  I don't feel like eating the same old crap, but that might be what I end up having.  Egg whites?  Blah.  I don't have any avocado to put on them so that doesn't sound appealing at all.

WIF then happened.  I tried to sneak my shoes on for that part but she had no part of that.  Then she told me that I lost weight and have to be up at least a pound by next week.  Then she said something about how I always go back to the eating disorder.  I didnt' go back to anything, I don't think.

Okay, I guess I'll figure out what to have for lunch.

On another note, 8 years ago on this day, I saw Charro for the first time.  More about that on Monday, when it's our "official anniversary."

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