Monday, April 20, 2015

Donuts, really?

As I was leaving Charro's office today, she reminded me to "eat a lot."  Okay.  We discussed what I would have for dinner tonight, a burrito.  I got it on my way home and ate half of it.  I stuck a ruler next to it and measured it and sent her pictures, before and after.  I only ate half and she told me to eat 2/3 of it.  I'm sure she'll tell me that I need to eat more, especially so I can make WIF.  Oh, speaking of Friday, I have to get a donut and bring it in and eat it.  WTF?  WHY I ask?  Why do I need to eat a donut, something with no nutritional value whatsoever?  I am NOT thrilled about that at all.  She also said that we are going to drink a caloric drink on Monday.  Hmm, I'm thinking that she'll forget about that, so I'm not too worried about it.  She said it's time to challenge me.  Hmm, challenge me to a race, a game, something fun, not food things.  I'm not into that.


Charro responded to my burrito email and said that I only ate 2/3 and I said, "That what you said I had to eat."  She wrote back and said, "I meant to say 3/4."  Oh well, she said 2/3 and that's what she got.  I thought I only at half, so that fact that she thinks I ate more is fune with me.  I still have to eat a donut on Friday. :(

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