Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beach day

Charro said I need to gain 2 lbs by next week or that's it.  I'm not sure what that really means because we've been down that road many times before.  I guess I'll find out.

I have avoided seeing this girl I know the past two weeks.  I saw her there two weeks in a row.  She's having a baby and I have to walk by the OB dept. to get to Charro's office.  The second time, she didn't see me, so that was good.  I have been taking a round about way to get to Charro's office to avoid this girl.  Not that I don't like her, just that I don't want her to wonder why I'm in the same building at the same time every week.  Not cool.

I'm going to the beach today.  That makes me very, very happy.  Well, I'm not going to lay out, although I wish I was, but I'm going out that way to explore and get cheap massages.  It will be fun.  I need to get ready.  I'm just so happy that it's going to be 80 degrees.  A month ago it was 20.

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