Monday, March 16, 2015

Up 10

I was talking to Charro about WIF today.  I want her to stop weighing me but she won't.  I haven't weighed myself in three weeks, which will come to an end in a few weeks, if not sooner.  I told Charro that I don't think she'll tell me if I gain weight.  I said, "I don't think you'll tell me if I gain 10 pounds, would you?"  She said that she probably wouldn't tell me because 10 pounds isn't a lot.  Um, yes it is.  She doesn't think it is because I wouldn't be "overweight."  She also said that she thinks I would know if I gained 10 pounds anyway.  I said, "Ya, because of my clothes."  She was like, "You'd still fit in all of your clothes because they're all huge."  I said something about not trusting her because she wouldn't tell me if I gained weight.  I mean, I trust her, I just don't trust her in that situation.  I refuse to gain 10 pounds and probably wouldn't even gain five unless I drastically change how I eat.  I'm so controlling of my food, I guess, that I probably won't gain weight.  The thing that concerns me is that I must have gained weight because Charro didn't tell me that I needed to gain weight or "keep going," when she weighed me on Friday.  

I ended up in the elevator with Charro on my way up today.  I was wearing pretty much every color of the rainbow and didn't match at all because I ran there and had layers on.  We were getting out of the elevator and she was like, "You'll do anything to go for a run."  That's because I was saying that it was supposed to be warm out and it wasn't and I planned on running in the warm weather.  She asked if I had gone to the gym too.  It was funny that this conversation happened in the elevator zone.

I ran 6 miles yesterday, the most I've run in a long time, since before my concussion last June.  My legs are sore today, needless to say, and I like that.  I only ran just over 3 miles to get to my sesh today.  Sore legs and chilly weather, but I still did it.  I can't wait to go to sleep tonight because I'm tired.

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