Friday, February 13, 2015

A dozen

I had a stinky sesh with Charro this morning.  I hate the ones when you come out feeling worse than you did when you went it.  To top it off, my glove was not there. :(  Sad morning all around.  She was like, "It doesn't sound like you've been eating too well, and you were down last week.  What's going to happen this week?"  I got on the scale and she goes, "Magically you made it."  Hmm, yes.  She made me take my keys out of my pocket, so it wasn't the keys that got me there.

I went to the gym and got an email saying that I had a package.  I was SO excited to go get it, thinking it would be my new gloves and when I got back my doorman was like, "Who's sending you flowers?  I was like, "Flowers!!  Is it wrong that I'm disappointed because I thought it was my new gloves!?"  A dozen red roses from a guy I'm not interested in.  Great.  Very, very thoughtful but it's hard when it's someone you're not attracted to.  Oh well.

Charro gave me the old, "If you don't want to commit to eating more lecture, then we need to talk about something else."  I've gotten that before and it never works because she continues to weigh me.  If we're going to go that route, she needs to stop weighing me because it's counterproductive.  We'll see what Monday's sesh brings.  Oh, she goes, "If you were in our program you would've been (I said "fired"), no, moved up to a higher level."  Geez, all because I ate a yogurt with a little cereal in it and a grapefruit for breakfast.  I thought it was a decent breakfast.  Apparently it was not!  I wanted to say, "It's more than I usually eat, but I didn't."

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