Monday, January 19, 2015

The OJ

Well Charro brought me the orange juice.  She made me sit there until I finished it.  She was like, "No one's coming in after you so take as long as you need."  I ended up staying 4 minutes longer than I should have.  190 calories later, the OJ was gone.  About 15 minutes later, the stabbing stomach pains started.  That was great.  I emailed Charro and told her that I was having the "OJ effect, without the glove."  Get it, OJ Simpson...stabbing.  She said next week she'll bring me a sweeter, less acidic drink.  Great.  I love all of these stupid drinks.

So there was the OJ and then Charro brought up my heart rate monitor and how I must bring that and my Fitbit into her on Friday.  Wait!!  What???  My Fitbit?!  All of a sudden she remembers about my Fitbit??  There was NO mention of that thing since I told her that I got it during our phone sesh.  The next time I saw her she asked me what I got for Christmas and left the Fitbit out because I thought she forgot that I had told her what I got for Christmas.  Apparently, she did not forgot.  I even said to her, "I thought you forgot about that."  She said, "No, I've been checking your wrists.  Do you just not wear it here or are you not wearing it at all."  I told her that I'm wearing it.  I had it on my wrist the the whole time, she just didn't see it.  So, there was that.  I told her that I'm not giving her $300 dollars worth of items so she can stick them in the closet and possibly get stolen.  She said that she'll put them in a drawer.  Um, that's not that safe.  I mean, realistically, I don't think they would get taken, but you never know.  Someone stole my orange juice out of the office fridge last week, so it's possible.

Ugh, I have WIF on Friday and then probably again on Tuesday before I go away.  Yuck.  WIF, juice and no heart rate monitor and Fitbit.  Hmmm.  Not okay!

Anyway, I probably won't have dinner because my stomack still doesn't feel great.  That's not my fault.  I don't think the OJ was great for my colitis either.

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