Monday, January 12, 2015

OJ (Not Simpson)

I walked into Charro's office and the first thing she saw to me was, "I'm so mad.  Someone stole your juice!"  What?  She said she went to go get it out of the refrigerator and it was gone.  Some one took it, probably by mistake, but it was gone none the less.  Lucky me! :)  She said she tried to order a soda from downstairs but they wouldn't deliver it.  YAY!  I do NOT want soda.  I hate bubbles.  I'll drink the damn juice, if I have to, but I will not drink a soda.  Oh, I was like, "It didn't have pulp in it, did it?"  She said, "Yes, a ton."  I was like, "Ugh, that's disgusting."  She said it had a little pulp, but not a ton.  Ew, I hate pulp.  I don't even like orange juice, but I'm going to have to drink it, I guess.  We'll see if she remembers next week.  I wonder if she'll put a note on it that says, "Do not steal!"  Haha.

So, that's my juice story.  

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