Friday, January 02, 2015

No Skype

Charro canceled our Skype sesh this morning because she has a cold.  It's totally fine because that means I'm saving money, but still, um, I've had a cold all week and I've still managed to do things like, go to the gym , play tennis, go to the office, sleep a lot.  Again, I'm totally fine with the fact that she canceled because I do get that she's probably so tired, like I am, but that would have been the easiest $100 ever for her.  She could sit in her house and Skype for 50 minutes and make $100.  Hey, at least I saved it. :)

I have to go out with some friends in a few minutes and I'd much rather sleep on my couch all day.  I guess I should probably dry my hair so I'm not out in the cold with wet hair while I'm sick.  At least I don't sound like a man anymore.

Tomorrow I have to teach 2 aerobics classes, which will be tough, but whatever.  That is all I have to do all day so I can manage that.

Ok, time to get dressed.

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